Career Mode Questions

Anybody know if there is a way of knowing what the PI restriction of each event is?

I just selected an event, built the car to A700, only to find the PI restriction for the event was A660.

Seems a bit fundamental to be able to see the rules of he race your about to enter, hopefully im just not seeing the option to view that information.

Ahh, night time modern muscle cars?

I was all confused there to.


Only way is to select the event and the car type then note what the pi of the pretuned cars you can buy is then back out and build to that.

It’s unbelievable how many simple things are backwards on this game. Career mode should accommodate us and the car we want to race. I just realized how restricted career mode is last night and I’m baffled. Where’s the common sense from the devs? Too, too, far too many little design choices that ruin this game being fun for longer than a week.

Well thanks for that list. Guess I know what we need to build and tune to now. Though I’ve not seen many tunes for 660, 880, 750 and such. And it sort of clears up my old a class build be a 751 (I would be able to use it)

Cheers, I shall print this off.

Hello everyone, like most of us, I was quite excited to see that the car that I use on a daily basis would be part of the list of cars, the Nissan Juke. I imagine it’s a Hot Hatch or Compact Sport Coupe in Super Street series. Well finished the series and proceeding to the next, no Juke available to choose and I think that happens to another cars, the Audi S1 for example. Somebody else realized that? Will be available in other series? I found it very strange … Thank you and good races

List of cars not eligible for Stories of Motorsport:

With the lack of data available in-game, your spreadsheets are a god send Max.

I hope I’ve thanked you before, but I’ll thank you once again here.

I’ve been using your spreadsheets as a means of organising my garage and planning my game play in FM6 now, it would have been a nightmare without.

Thanks again.

Thanks! I’m still in the process of adding info to the spreadsheets and FAQ and list threads here, let me know if any additional data or comments would be helpful.

Back on topic, I think the “divisions” concept is quite flawed if you end up with cars that don’t receive a classification at all. That list of cars is much bigger than it ought to be.

You could imagine some oddball cars being difficult to categorize, but the RS3, Delta S4, Abarth 500, Galant VR4 and many others should be able to qualify against their natural competitors right?

We have the A45 and M235i for the RS3.
The Audi Quattro and Peugeot 205 T16 for the Delta S4.
The Legacy RS, Celica GT4, Delta Integrale for the VR4

Just some simple examples, there are plenty of others in the list.

Max, do you have a PI spread sheet for all the career mode races??? I thought I saw it here, cannot for the life of me find it…

ManteoMax, thanks for the info. But neither the Juke is available in level 2 or S1 in level 1, or am I seeing wrong ?! And some of the cars allegedly not eligible are available in levels 1 and 2 in the game. Thanks again

same thread as linked above

…I am such an idiot lol. WOW. How could that be…I didn’t even notice it.

While I got your attention Max, once you finish a volume in career you can head back and replay it with different cars right???

I can’t play with the Nissan Juke. You say that is available in Volume 2 but I can’t find it. Someone has played with that car in the campaign? Thank you!

What happens when you complete the series in campaign? Ive only played an hour and a half and ive completed 1 of them already? Does more races open when you complete the 5? Or is that it finished?

I’m on the final series, it seems as though the rest of the career just opens up, allowing you to freely choose which series you want to run with the car groups you previously did not use for them.

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Hi all, this is just a quick question regarding the career mode:-
In Forza5 once a set of career races had been completed you could just jump back and redo an individual race/s at a later date. Is this the case with Forza 6?
I know you can set up races in Free Play or Multiplayer for individual tracks car class’s etc. But I personally found it easy in Forza 5 to pick a race out of career and just race, rather than, sorting everything out “longhand” as it were, in Free Play or Multiplayer mode.
I noticed in Forza 6 when I tried this it just defaulted to the first race of a group of races. rather than giving you a choice of the 5 races in the section.
Not a big issue by any means and this is not a “toys out of pram” situation,
Just a question, I am hoping somebody can answer as I am probably just missing the right “button/option to press” :).
Thanks in advance and hope the above makes sense to what I mean :slight_smile: