Career mode and using tunes

I have a question about Career mode and using Raceboy77’s and Worm’s tunes. It seems as though the awesome handling and braking does not always help me overcome the gimped speed in most career series races. I seem to do better with other tunes that keep the speed stat higher and balanced, even on Unbeatable difficulty setting.

With their tunes, I will blow by cars on corners only to get re-passed by them on straights on nearly every track in career mode against drivatars.

Am I doing something wrong when using their tunes? Or are their tunes not for career series? Are they more for hotlapping?

Those tunes should be good for all purposes. You need to learn how to drive them. Follow or find one of them on the rivals leaderboards and watch how they drive. Or in fact watch any of the top replays in rivals mode.

I’m not going to learn anything by looking at rivals/hotlapping because I can already hotlap with these tunes. There is no traffic in rivals, so I wanna know how to use these tunes in career mode.

If you are hotlapping quick with those tunes then you need to learn how to deal with traffic.

People do use those tunes to good effect in career.

Can you name a car and tune and career event and i will have a go and make a video.

Let’s try Ferrari California 2008, Worm’s tune, in the Sport Coupster series.

I believe I had trouble with his tune on the straights of Yas Marina, Catalunya, Road America, and Le Mans.

I managed to get gold on all events after a while, but only barely on a few. I play mainly on Expert and Pro difficulties.

The way I look at the “tuned by worm” tunes is that the were created to make the cars easier to drive for new players, they are great for handling but as soon as you get on a straight it’s like you’re dragging an anchor. Search worms gamertag to find his proper tunes.

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I get what your saying OP, if you want checkout my tunes. I try and tune mine with a speed grip balance, it fits how I drive.

Thanks a lot I knew I wasn’t alone lol. What’s crazy is that to me it’s boring and takes the fun out of driving each car when it is tuned to be able to be driven in your sleep. Racing for me is about controlling the beast

But there is a tune for every goal, every track, etc. so I appreciate the insight and learned a lot from reading how Worm works on his tunes.