Hello There willing to pay top price for a Ferrari Pista 488 to add to my collection anyone got one for me to buy as none in the auction and its doing my swede in? can anyone help a brother out?
i beg you’s!

hit me up if you can help!

Lots have been coming up in auction recently, you just have to search consistently (you’ll probably see one within 10-15 mins of searching, even faster) and be fast to buy it (Press Y, Down, A, A) When you see it, don’t go into the auction to buy out. Whether someone is selling it to you on here or buying it yourself you’re going to have to be fast as they sell within a second of coming up.

They’re currently selling for about 1.3 million max buy out.

Edit: Actually today they’re up to 2.0 million buyout. Which means people should start selling more since it’s “worth it”

Within 10 mins of searching 3 came up and I got one of them. Go get them!