Car variety

I’ve noticed that many people tend to have only 3 or 4 drift cars in their stable, and they’ll all be Japanese cars, or muscle, or whatever. I run about 20 cars, from vintage Alfas to the Land Rover Defender, and try not to run a single one more than two tracks in a row, to shake things up.

Why do a lot of people just stick with a small group of vehicles? Is it for comfort?

I think alot of it is comfort. I know I prefer different car styles/ setups to different tracks. Maybe my mustang runs long turns better where the 240sx is nimble and can easily weight transfer through the “S” faster. My recommendation is to use vehicles you are good at (or enjoy driving) on specific tracks pertaining to their characteristics, I think this will allow you to grow and get better without running the same car and same tune like alot of other drivers.

GL & stay sideways!