Car Tuning/controls

1 - Is it going to be possible to make adjustments to the cars Just before you enter a race like it was in FM 4 while in career mode? Or do you have to back right out like FM5?
2 - Is there still availble option to change the Throttle and Brake to Buttons Like previous versions of both FM and Horizon?


  1. Apparently you can warm up or practice before a Career Mode race so in theory you should be able to tune the car at that time as well.

  2. We won’t find out until September 10. For now assume it works the same as it does in Forza Horizon 2.

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1: Looks like you can: Forza Motorsport 6 - GC: Presentation (full) - YouTube

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After all these years I never noticed this until now but the paddles don’t move, only the drivers hands move.

thanks for your input folks :slight_smile: