Car tunes changing by themselves.

Not for me… It will initially save and share a tune correctly… but if you have multiple tunes… it seems to me like it will change your “parts” back to the one you want… but not the “Tune” gearing and arro are always off for me when trying to swap back to my other tunes… this is all in the Garage. Also does the same deal it seems when doing “change tune” from race menu in single player… changes parts but not tune… rather annoying. }:wink:

It’s been 10 days and some major fixes still needed…yet they can
patch a free money glitch overnight…haha


yes - there certainly is something in need of a fix here.

I’ve been tuning since it first existed in FM and this time there is a glitch. It does have an effect on the original tune even tho I have created a new save to make a second tune. As with PC software I have always been careful with backups, so when changing a tune, even if I intend to keep the change and lose the original I ALWAYS open the original and IMMEDIATELY save it to a new name.

Then I find I’ve lost the original. I have just lost some beautiful Gear Ratios provided by a friend - very v ery annoying.