Car Pass

I’m thinking about buying the Ultimate edition this week but i’ve seen that the car pass only lasts 6 months and it ended in march. Does that mean i’ll get those car packs or not ? Also is the ultimate edition worth it or i could save my money on other DLCs ? thank you

The Ultimate edition includes the VIP car pack plus the First 6 Car Packs released

Car Pass, for some ridiculous reason, doesn’t include all the car packs. You’ll need to shell out extra on top of what you’ve paid to buy the ones that came after the March Car Pack.

The Ultimate Edition is 50% off this week, which is like buying the game and getting all those cars for free.

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Depends on what you consider ridiculous. If you want to buy every car individually, that’s ridiculous. If you want 6 car packs at a reduced price, that’s NOT ridiculous. If you buy the car pass and expect every car, that IS ridiculous.


Not so much the price. More the fact that a game pass doesn’t cover all the DLC for a game.

A car pass should include all DLC cars, I don’t know why T10 did it differently.

In any other game when you buy a season pass, car pass or expansion pass you get all the DLC’s, £100 for a game that’s essentially not even the full game to begin with and then to charge extra for car packs is ridiculous.

There’s so much missing in the game that’s simply being held from us, watch videos on the developer edition of the game and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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