Car Pass on sale this week

Hi Guys,
The car pass is on sale with deals with gold this week, i still play forza5 as i just got a mad catz wheel. Want to know if the car pass is worth it now since its on sale? its going for 75% off great saving but is it worth it now? since forza 6 is out & i might upgrade to it eventually? any car pass owners here can tell me if its worth it?


Hello. I’ve bought FM5 car pass and I received one La Ferrari as a gift. When I was downloading it, I realized that have already bought this car. In this case, I expected FM5 Give me back my 800.000 credits applied on this car before. Nothing happened. Is it correct? There is something I can do for retrieve my credits back?

Can anybody tell me what car packs i get buying car pass ? They car pass tell me i get 8 car- 80 cars anyone know what cars are?