Car Packs

Hello, I have a question for the car packs. I am currently on level 261 trying to complete ever championship in the game along with every achievement. I was just thinking that at my level and the progress I have done, are the car packs even worth it? I already had a look at all the cars and the ‘cars and editions’ thread and I was thinking of purchasing it while purchasing Blizzard Mountain (I paid for the cheaper one). Could someone who has any of the car packs tell me your personal opinion on them?

You can find a lot of comments on the packs in this thread:

Well it depends on what cars you want and the pack a car pack is 10$ CAD an individual car is 5$ CAD (tax already included) I think they are worth it. Just get a pack that you like the best.

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Why would you own a visually stunning game such as this and not avail yourself of every DLC option that comes with the game. Yeah, all the content and car packs are worth it IMO, as they all enhance and extend the game’s basic premise - DRIVING!


Alright, thanks guys

If you’ve already completed all the championships or are close to being done than there isn’t much use for the new cars other than racing online

I’ve pretty much completed everything and do not like online so there is not much incentive to use the new cars other than 1 on 1’s or just driving around…

I have completed all the championships and have all the achievements as well.

Now, I very much enjoy just driving around in all the various cars I own, “with no particular place to go”. I very much enjoy this experience, knowing there is no way I would ever be able to drive, much less own, most of these cars.

Don’t let the nay-sayers put you off from looking into it. The car pass was more than worth it for me. The complaints have existed for every car pack since FM5, it’s nothing new. Just look at the cars and make sure you know what you are getting before you set expectations, because it is beyond impossible to please everyone in a game community this large.

There’s a few great gems in here that haven’t been seen in ages and are also entirely new to the Forza series, so if you are looking at it from that angle it is nice to see the FC RX7 making a return and the introduction of a great variety of Australian muscle cars.

There, I fixed it for you, MasterMedic! LOL

My advise is to look at the cars on offer through the DLC packs. If the cars appeal to you, absolutely, go for it. If only a few do, you can just buy the ones you want individually.

I have all the dlc for this game and feel it simply added more reason to continue playing for me personally. Having new cars to tune up and race is a big part of the game for me. Long after I got 100% on everything I still find myself playing the game just to try out all the different cars.

Personally, this car pass was the most disappointing one out of all the Forzas. I got like five or six cars that I have an actual interest in. Granted, it wasn’t as bad as Forza 6, where you couldn’t even use DLC cars in singleplayer, but still I don’t feel the ultimate edition was worth it this time around. I will probably go with the Deluxe Edition for Forza 7, early access alone is not worth the extra money.