Car pack questions

Just getting started and really into FM4. First off I have crappy satellite internet so online racing is completely out but I still wanted to see what DLC is available. I’m happy bashing around with the AI for now and maybe one day I’ll move out of the stix and get real internet. Its so bad that even now the Forza server fails to load 90% of the time so I only get glimpses of whats available. I’m planning on taking the box to a better connection and loading the content I want from a decent connection.

But before I do that what I wondered is,

I have 2 profiles in Forza 4 one has Live and the other doesn’t.

Do I have to buy Xbox Gold access to download DLC?

If I buy the Porsche car pack and get other DLC with the live profile (this one) will it be available to all profiles using the same HD that the DLC is on?

Is the Auction house and other user generated graphics available without Gold access?

I don’t want to blow real world cash on a car pack then find I have to buy it again for separate profiles or schlep my way up through the series again and build credits to “buy” and modify cars I paid real cash for. All I really want is a few of the higher end Porsche’s to tinker around with.

Answer in BOLD in your quoted post above.

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Thanks for the reply.

I ended up in this situation as my console wouldn’t let me create a live account so I figured I’d do it with a browser and then marry the two but it doesn’t easily work like that . It can be done but it requires too many hoops to jump through as far as MS is concerned and all I really wanted to do is get a few more cars.
My biggest issue is the satellite. I knew beforehand that it would never be suitable for gameplay as the lag is too severe but I live out in the stix so its my only option besides dialup. My original profile without Live was started when I first got my game and I’ve got a decent amount of CR built up there along with the cars I’ve won so I can “buy” cars in game and also free race them at will.