Car occasionally refusing to turn

My car sometimes decides it wants to go straight no matter what I’m doing with the analog stick. It doesn’t happen a lot, but occasionally. In these moments, I’m not going too fast, I’m not up in the air, I can be on the pavement of a completely dry road, etc. I’ve tried different controllers with the same results and no other game gives me this issue. Anyone have any ideas? Needless to say, this is pretty close to game-breaking for me.

You on PC?

If so could you be having momentary interrupts/disconnects with your USB or BT connection (you don’t say how you’re connecting those controllers)…

One way to check is to get your car in Forzavista mode, look at the front tires, push your stick L or R and keep it there for a time, if the wheels of the car start to straighten back out and then go back to L/R, then your signal is being interrupted somehow.

I’m connected via bluetooth without a way to connect physically (I’d rather not anyway). I was mainly just wondering if there was a setting I might change to prevent this, anything like that.

Bluetooth connections are slower. Make sure your TV/Monitor is on Game Mode. Also… gravity in the game is slightly lower than it should be so downhill, and over humps you slide more than you are supposed to.

Physical connection will always be superior to Bluetooth.

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This reminds me of my first encounter with understeer in Forza Motorsport 2. I had no idea how to tune a car which was resulting in horrendous understeer. I seriously thought my controller was not working - I hit rewind over and over again and the car plowed past the corner and off the track every time no matter what I did different.

It sounds like you might be getting punished by some sub optimal settings in your tune. Resetting the default tune might fix it - unless the build is so bad that it can’t be improved through tuning.