Car not Resetting when on side in King

Hello, I was just in a round of King in the Anything Goes Quickplay Adventure when I encountered a rather frustrating bug.
I was driving an A Class 2018 Honda Civic Type R in the event when after misjudging a jump I rolled the car ending up stuck on my right hand side. Normally the car would reset, however this time nothing happened, I simply remained stuck on my side. The car wouldn’t automatically reset and there was no button to reset position on the pause menu leaving me stuck. I was also ghosted out so team mates were unable to knock me over back onto my wheels. I also tried accelerating/braking/steering whilst on my side to jog the car or force a reset, but to no avail. Eventually after a couple of minutes of trying, I was then kicked for idling whilst trying to take a photograph to post on this forum (which I was unsuccessful in getting).
I’m not sure if this is an issue with the car I was driving specifically or the game mode/map. Would it be possible maybe to add a reset car position on the pause menu for all game modes as it is available in some but not others? Just my thoughts.

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I had the same thing happen to me in the quarry during King and Flag.
Rolled over the edge and landed on the side. No reset or way to move.

Same here, but I was in a Sprint race online, the car was a Nissan Titan. Rolled in a side of the pickup and not able to reset the car position using the function…

Thanks for posting this information.

I will forward this issue onto the team as it has already been noted. If it happens again, please send me a screenshot or video capture as this helps.!ApxxRx0bfRWVg90Xgen-CaepZ50Afg

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This is so annoying.

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