car not competitive seasonal event

One of the seasonal events keeps telling me my car may not be competitive change blueprint but when i do this nothing really changes and when i look for a car to buy recommended the ones available are no better than what i already have,so i stuck with my best car and i came last in all 3 races. How the hell do you get a car that is competitive or do you have to tune your car which looks as though you are not allowed to.

Are you taking a car with road tyres on to a dirt/offroad race? I had this pop up when I took my A800 Supra in to a Modern Sports Car A-class seasonal championship (honestly can’t remember which season but I think it was the last one) and it said it wasn’t competitive because it was a Dirt championship rather than Road, and despite being top of A my car was not designed for dirt/off-road so was significantly off the pace.

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I’m not sure if you’re referring to actually car/class restrictions, or “recommend” cars. If it’s the second one, I would also REALLY like to determine how they decide which cars are “recommend”. I’ll be just driving around in free roam, go to do a race, and the car I’m driving won’t be listed in the recommend ones. However, there may be one or two cars there that are VERY similar to my car. By that I mean similar type of car, same class, similar setup, similar weight/power, same drivetrain, similar performance, etc. Why is one recommend but the other isn’t, when they function as nearly the same experience?

Yes this may very well be the case,next time i will double check. Is there an option to change tyres during seasonal ?

So far you can only change tyres in the garage.

Tyres make a bigger difference in FH5 than FH4, they have new physics. In seasonal events it’s best not to enter a race until you figure out what car you need, and what type of tune. If you add me, or follow me, I am making tunes that win the events more easily. When you follow someone their tunes pop up before some other tunes.

Switching from RWD to AWD helps on off-road races. Your top speed will take a hit, but your acceleration greatly increases. Also, your car will be easier to control.