Car Meet- All Are Welcome! CLICK for MORE!

I always wanted to start a car meet, so today I figured, why not just start one today?
I will be starting these car meets around 6:00PM to 10:00PM Eastern Time
This will take place almost every day of the week, unless otherwise told.
I am also looking for a pal to help me run these events! If you want to be a co-runner of these car meets, message me! Gamertag is down below.
What will we even do?!

  • Tag Lobbies!
  • Car Meets at Test Track- We’ll do many categories like Classics, Tuners, Supercars and more!
  • Drag Races!
  • Laid Back Racing, and Competitive Racing!
  • Drifting! (Only if you guys want to)
  • And we’ll sit back and share tuning/ painting tips!

Message me if interested! Gamertag- The Jersey Stig

Hope to see you guys soon!


Am up for that
Gt :lmr blackhawk

Add me mkjaer