Car in need of a tune

Hello there Forza community now I’m not one to go bug people to tune especially under these circumstances, The car I have in mind… Hummer H1.
So I know most of the forza Community doesn’t like the car I understand, But my purpose for this is just to level up the affinity and be done with it.
I am asking for a lobby worthy tune fast as it can go with the handling as good as it can get this WON’T BE USED IN HOPPER LOBBYS
I’m looking for the class range to be somewhere in C or B with max’ breaks and weight reduction so it’s as light as can be.

If anyone could give me a hand send me a message I would enjoy ever so much to talk to whoever would be willing

Hey DoG click the link below that reads ERS tunes if you would like to find some cars to run around with. Every car on the list is still driven today and are the tunes we drive to date.