Car give away CONTEST

Race in Nurburgring stage A with and A class four door car and enter your time below. if your time beats mine you will win a very nice car! The car I used was the Maserati Quattroporte. I am keeping my time secret so there is no liars!!

Happy Racing,

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Lexus IF ?

2000 AUDI S4 Quattro - Replay on my storefront.

Ill pick tomorrow night!

I don’t understand how keeping your time a secret does anybody any good.

and what the heck does that mean?

Basically so no one says a ‘fake’ time.

it encourages you actually attempting the time

Doesn’t mean the contest is over yet! keep posting times! and I got people on xbox sending me replays so make sure you keep trying and entering!!

It’s really not too clear what it is that you’re doing here.

the people who beat my time will win a car, the better the time better the car

2011 Holden HSV GTS

I got a 02:02.372 with the Holden w427.

Replay is uploaded.

What if you cannot beat the time? I will try this week, but not sure I can better those that are here.


everyone wins ill give every one a prize, better time, better prize

Can someone please say what we are winning? I understand that its a car but what car exactly? I don’t want to be competing for a smart car and I can guarantee that no one else wants to compete for something pointless either so some information would be nice for all.

its not that hard, a lot of people entered there time perfectly, if you don’t think its worth your time go to a different thread.

I just want to know what were winning so that I can figure out if its worth my time.

Had some other things to do at home and in game last night but I can make an attempt tonight.


I got a 2:04.5 in an IS-F.
I got a 2:02.2 in a custom evo.

Got home real late so only managed three reps. Audi RS6. Couldn’t upload the third due to internet issues.

Lap 1. 2.19
Lap 2. 2.15.335
Lap 3. 2.14.668