Car Enthausiasts lets unite!

Hi everyone!!

Reason why i opened up this topic is to see if there are any other players out there who, like me enjoy cars just the way they are! Peeople who dont like racing or drifting but just enjoy driving stock/factory cars! I am not a racer or a drifter. I dont like having to race for gold or beating rivals! I love the game for the amazing graphics and simply enjoy driving the cars available. Whether they are the worlds most exclusive ones or just your car you could take to work everyday!
Most times i find people in lobbies where they only race or drift. It sucks because it just doesnt leave room for people like me who just love cars but dont want anything done to them, cause why would you tune a Ferrari or Lamborghini to drift, right?

Anyway i was hoping there are atleast a few fellow companions out there! Who are simular to me and would love to meet up for a car meet/cruise? I know Forza Motorsport isnt really good for cruising, but im pretty sure that eventually we all will have FH2 which would be amazing to drive with simular minded people :slight_smile:

My Gamertag is: Noble WarWolf
and if you are a car enthausiast but dont like racing or drifting then i think you find more or less a like minded car enthausiast right here!



I don’t play the game the way you do but in previous games they had a cycled production hopper where it cycled through various unmodified cars. They were races rather than cruises though.

Don’t really understand cruising in a game like this, but to each his or her own go ahead get down with it if that is what makes you happy

Lol… I love that.

But yea, to the OP, Forza Horizon 2 will be a great game for these types of cruises. ‘Endless’ roads and beautiful scenery and a spattering of roll on racing. Would be pretty cool.