Car engine sound problems

In the FH5, the Ferrari SF90 sounds the same as the Porsche 918, and I hope the official can correct this error

If that is your only issue with the game, than i’m affraid you’ll be very dissapointed with FH5 my friend …

But we live in hope lol

Hi HecticTrash, please confirm that you have submitted a ticket at Forza Support as indicated in the README thread pinned above so the team can log it.

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Hi HecticTrash7673,

Ain’t none of the “higher ups” at Microsoft give a dam about your issues with the engine sounds of our perfect game. Otherwise, we’d have fixed them long before FH5’s release. We understand how simple of fixes they are, as in a few hours recording engine audio then a few more in studio mixing them properly, but we are unfortunately primarily largely unconcerned and cannot be bothered with putting even the slightest amount of effort into such elements of our, again, perfect game. Bear in mind, we have been using the same six cylinder sound for both BMW and Nissan six cylinders for nearly a decade now. We’ve done just fine without folks like you inquiring as to why some cars have the same engine audio despite having entirely different layouts IRL, so that being said we thank you for your concern but your “car engine sound problem” is to be completely dismissed from here on out.

We are always striving to satisfy our fun-loving Forza community, and only improve in doing so day by day. Just take a look at our sales records! We do sincerely hope you will continue to point out possible points to improve on in the future, regardless of whether or not those recommendations will be outright tossed out completely. Smiley face because casual.



LOL true story

SF90 sound the same as 918? It doesn’t matter, what truly matters is that I can wear a skirt and select the pronouns I want for my gender!

That’s what a car game should care about :disguised_face: