Car count and miles

Please get the garage car count and miles updating correctly. Miles appears to update but it lagging behind. Game score, perfect passes, driver level all seem to update daily. My car count has been stuck on 8 forever, when it’s actually 84. Miles are over 100 behind as well.

Hey. I have The same problem. More then month i have More then 100 Cars, but at points it counts as 0

I came here to post about this exact issue. Seems I’m not alone, then?

I think last time it updated cars for me was last September… really wish it would track correctly

Not alone. I’m still sitting at 8 cars with ~120+ in the garage actually. It’s shorting me 230 points on forza tier level on car count alone. Trying to get to tier 12 is gonna be tough without it for me.

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Same boat—trying to find a path to tier 12. Please fix this, Turn 10. My FH1 car count finally updated when the One X update rolled out, but in FM4 I have well over 100 cars (and have for some time) but a car count of zero in the hub…

Since january of 2018 only driver level updating in Forzahub for me. is this game dead?

I have only had this game for a day but already own 15 cars. My score here shows that I own no cars. Please fix…please.

Bought another car in FM4 to see if it would trigger car count since after the update for FH1 cured the car count there. No joy. Have 132 cars, still stuck on 8.

seems like they fixed the issue - the FM4 car count in Forza Rewards updated last night

Yep, mine updated too, car count is maxed out. Hardcore hasn’t changed, it’s about 200 game score behind.

Also, after car count updated in FM4, days played in FM3 dropped from 50 to 44. That current days apex progress was set back to the day before, but today, some of that apex score came back.