Car Collector tier not increasing

I’ve gotten two or three new cars, but the collection points aren’t being added and thus not raising my tier.


It goes by quarters. Meaning… If you need 1k points to go 1/4 of the way around the ring. It only updates when you’ve purchased enough cars that ='s that amount. The higher level you get, the less it updates as you will need more points to level up.

Let me know if that doesnt make any sense :). Also, which car were you referring to for the discount? and which level were you at? I can look that up for you and see whats going on.

So the points themselves don’t update right away? Only when you reach the 1/4 threshold?

The discount is fine, just my bad vision playing tricks on me! Lol

Thats correct. I noticed that when I was testing it last night. Say you need 1k points to get to the 1/4 mark … I would need to buy 10 +100 cars in order for that screen to pop up and update.