Does this also aply yo FH3 as i have 200 cars in my garage from today also does this mean il get over 1 million credits each week as part off forza rewards

I have had all the cars in my garage since the Black Friday sales but don’t get 1 million credits a week…

What is this car collector bonus thing for?

That was a bonus depending on how many cars you had in previous games, and only applied when you first started the game. It is not a weekly reward.

That wasn’t a Horizon 3 one than, Horizon 3 was just only cars for being a certain Tier on the Forza Rewards Program, Being a VIP in FM6 and FH2, and for playing FM6 and FH2. Nothing about Car Collector on FH3.


The car collector bonus was for FM6 only.


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Yes, you are correct. I wasn’t sure if it applied to FH3, but I knew at least one of them had it.

Starting FM6 with 25 mil was actually fun lol.

The starting bonus glitched for me in FM6, it gave me all the bonuses again.