Car categories inconsistencies

The car category is not very consistent between body types, car origin or car uses.
Ideally it is streamlined by body types, because origin and car used do not matter or are variable, respectively.

Examples :

The HSV, Holden Commodore and Cadillac sedans are categorized as US muscle despite being obviously sedans/saloons. This is I think just because of their origins.
The 90’s+ Chevrolet Corvette and Vipers are labeled US Muscles as well despite being Sports/Supercars (depending on the generation) and famously being pitted against Europeans and Japanese sports cars like the Porsche 911, Ferrari F355, Aston Martin DB7 or the NSX and Supra.
The same appears with some saloons being actually some coupe or sports cars.

Another big point is for the category drift or rally cars. The cars are actually stock trim, not pre-tuned.
Those are categorized by car use but technically these cars are from a wide types of bodies like (small) Hatchback, Coupe, , Sports, and Muscle, and could be used for other purposes/categories.
Examples are the rally cars of the 80s, 90’s and 00’s (in game) like the Ford Escort, Subaru Impreza and Ford Focus. These cars can used for street racing (stock), rallying and have even been used a touring cars worldwide.

It would be great to streamline categories to allow better and more accurate yet open representation. At the moment it seems US cars are privileged in their own categories and JDM suffers from basic cliches categorization.

Thanks, it’s important for the car culture aspect !