Car - BMW M3’ 21 - Incorrect Visual Texture and Issues on M Performance Parts

Having seen multiple BMW M3 Competitions with M Performance Parts, something strange has been noticed on these parts on the in game car.

Unlike the M4’ 21 which has similar visual upgrades in gloss carbon fiber - the carbon fiber front, side and rear upgrades & wing are unfinished-ly flat and dry in texture which is incorrect to the IRL car.

It only makes sense for BMW to give the M3’ 21 the gloss carbon fiber M Performance treatment like the M4 Competition.

This visual issues for the front side and rear CF pieces and exhaust can be easily fixed in my opinion and I request you to do it as soon as possible.

Carbon Fibre Texture Differences between BMW M4 and M3 M Performance Parts:

The IRL M Performance Parts on the 2021 M3 Competition.