Car bays

What use are they if you can’t even free roam them anyway….


i agree. i dont understand it or am i missing something. yeap!

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Am I missing something with the car bays? The game gives you 4 bays to place cars in, I put a car in each bay but only the car in Bay 1 is ever shown on the Home Screen. Some of the camera angles will show the other 3 cars sitting in the background behind a glass wall, but they are hard to see.

Is there any way to make it cycle through all 4 cars/bays? Are the garage bays supposed to do something other than just be the cars shown in the Home Screen? Obviously not a big issue, it just seems like having more than 1 bay is useless.


Car 1 gets all the attention.

The others are always background cars


I was curious about the same. If I can’t even cycle through the 4 cars what’s the point of putting them?

Additionally I hate the fact that my last used Car not always selected automatically. All the menu, I need to go through my car list to choose the one I want… Now I only have 30+ cars, but when my garage grows I can imagine the headache…


and you cant start your car from the car view anymore…


Why can’t I level my car bay from 1 to 50 like I can with my cars?


Forza Vista is missing multiple previous features, like SO much of this game. Frustrating…


The car bay was a silly waste of development time. They could have used that time to make some extra layouts for Eagle Rock.


or Daytona or Road Atlanta.

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That was a good one :joy: LOL.


I think it would be a lot better if you had a setup like Jay Leno’s garage, where you have the car of the week at the centre (or here, your main car), and then a bunch of cars parked around in every single frame.

The way it’s currently set up, you have three cars way in the background, and you pretty much have to go into photo mode to be reminded they’re there.


A cheaply made feature like many in the game. I feel that almost the entire making of the game has been outsourced and the original Forza devs have not been involved.

So many bugs, quality issues and missing features.

p.s. the lights above those three cars float in the air.

  1. Put car bay as a main menu item for quick access
  2. Allow more spaces, say 10, even unlimited if you just allow to scroll…

optional: Make a forza vista style thing where you can literally walk around a big garage or something and it zooms you in like forza vista when you go near a car. Paying in game credits to update this garage to add more spaces would be cool too, would be a really cool feature, to be able to walk around your garage to view your beauties kinda like viewing an art gallery, I think I remember this from test drive unlimited and it was such an incredible thing, this game would be even better given how good the graphics are

In effect the car bay should be a favourites menu, which imo is a hugely needed feature in this game given I have so many cars


That would be an interesting and perhaps innovative design choice. Reminds me of some of The Crews design.

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The vorza vista / car bays aspect of this game is less immersive and dynamic than a mobile game. It’s so static and boring.

Let us start the cars. Give us more 3D coverage and access to more cars in more car bays. A huge aspect of the fun of racing games is how you can access and “feel” and get to know the cars OUTSIDE of the track. I’d love to do short little low speed drives between car bays or locations, etc. Some passion in the UI would go a long way.

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Sighs, PGR3 nostalgia is hitting quite hard right now. What a great game, the peak of car passion. All PGR’s were great looking back. Cruising around New York in the F50 in PGR1 was :raised_hands:. Back when cover cars took proper progression to unlock.

Imagine you could drive out of the car bay in a public road or a private test track, that would’ve been pretty sick :star_struck:


They should let us walk around the car bay and look at the other 3 cars as well, I mean the character’s already there when changing driver suits or overalls.
In one of the early teasers, they showed people and the driver and engineers walking around a pit garage, they also never added that mechanic in the game.
I think it’s this one,


And add back all the missing Forzavista features T10