Car Always Damaged Glitch

So I noticed this while driving. I looked at the damage telemetry and noticed my transmission was damaged. I took a bump in the race so I thought that could be it.

Next race I noticed the same damage and thought it was from me shifting but it was the trans not the clutch. This is driving with the manual and clutch mode.

So next race I looked again right away. Same thing 4% damage to the transmission. Everything else is at 0% even the clutch.

Why is this? Is it actually hurting performance? (Slower lap times).

The damage does NOT increase past the initial 4% throughout the whole race unless I have a collision. So this must be an error. Uploading a video now.

You’re actually not the first one to notice this. Take a look at this thread: Transmission Always Damaged.
It’s also discussed in the Forza 6 Bugs thread.
And they’re talking about this problem in a video of Inside Sim Racing: Forza Motorsport 6 Career Mode First Two Hours Gameplay Live !.

And to answer some questions:
Yes, I think it’s a bug. It only occurs when using manual with clutch and I don’t think that it actually hurts performance.

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