Car accuracy is important issue. isn't it?

there are lot of inaccurate detail on car and it’s very bothering me.(even wiper position of car!)

Some people do sarcastic over reacting about car accuracy feedback.(ex: Yes! it’s emergency! haha!)
Maybe it’s nothing to gameplay and bottom line of Turn10’s to-do list.

Most of people don’t care about car accuracy and even don’t know about car.
So they right, why this game get licenced real manufacture? just fill fantasy car to game for casual gamer. not for car enthusiast.

I feel that it comes down to quantity or quality. I feel that Turn10 does very well with their attention to detail. They aren’t perfect but they are closer than any other game manufacturer that operates at the quantity that they do.

Do you know that they do live audio recordings of the real car, even the tire noises were recorded in real life to use in the game. When they introduced the Mazda 787b they had to rent space with no noise ordinances to record it it was so loud.