"CaptainAraym's Designs" : Liveries unified showcase post

Hi there: I’m CaptainAraym (also known on the internet as “Araym”, “CapitanoAraym” and similar variations of my nickname).

I’m kind of new in Forza Horizon 4, so there are for sure A LOT of “artists” around far more experienced than me, but I have some degrees of artistic capabilities and I’m here to share here my creations too.

I’ll try to keep the first post as clean as possible, with the first post as “general catalogue”, with direct links to other internal, detailed, posts, with all the infos of each design (with design details, galleries, sharing codes etc etc).

So, welcome to:

CaptainAraym’s Design Center

  • Abarth 595 EsseEsse - Double color (rel. date 11/06/2021):

Post link: here

  • Lancia 037 Stradale - Martini Racing (rel. date 11/06/2021):

Post link: here

In the same release post also available in:

  • Abarth 595 EsseEsse - Double color :

Sharing Code: 606 475 532

A simple bicolor livery, based on some real life, custom painted, FIAT 500.

Photo Gallery:

  • Lancia 037 Stradale - Martini Racing:

There are already a LOT of Lancia 037 - Martini Racing around…
… some are based on the livery of a specific rally race or of a specific driver…
… but I didn’t find one that was, really, fitting my taste. Mostly because it’s not really easy to bend the iconinc Martini stripe on the weird 3D geometry of the model used in game, and also becausse i was searching the “livery” only (basically just the stripes). Also I wanted to make “my custom version” of it (not racing under the name/numberplate of some real life pilot)
It took A LOT of effort, trial end error, experiment and such to obtain an (almost) seamless transition from the side views to the top/bonnet view, so I produced this “Martini Racing” livery for all players that want the “clean” version of it (imagine alike it was the base livery from the factory, before adding the specific rally race tags and/or driver number plate).

It comes in 3 version.


Share code : 121 431 373


Share Code : 402 115 303


Share Code : 820 964 671


… I said I wanted a “clean livery” but just because I wanted to customize it for me, in game. Based on the above liveries, my, own, unreleased to the public (obviously: it’s for me) “Martini Racing Custom”: