Cap event credit rewards at 1k (or less) per second

To prevent ‘money glitch’ events, use the elapsed time in the event (which is clearly available info) to calculate a maximum reward, and limit the actual payout (however that is normally calculated) to that amount.

This will leave normal events unaffected, as they will never hit a well-chosen cap, and prevent 1-hour billionaires from continuing to wreck the game economy.

And you won’t have to change the way event credit rewards are nomally calculated.

can you elaborate please? wouldn’t they just stay in there for longer?

Take for example a 3 minute race, and a 1k/second upper limit (not guaranteed minimum) No matter how long a distance you drove in the 3 minutes, you could not receive more than 180k, and the normal amount for beating unbeatable ai in a normal event would be no more than around a third of that limit. You could set the limit at 500 credits/second, and never affect thr rewards for legit play.

If some dork figured out another exploit, sitting in an event for an hour would still max out at 3.6M credits even at the too-generous 1k/second. The exploit they just patched, that gobsmacked the game economy, was paying out something like 500 million per hour.

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