Can't select make of car when searching auction house?

Is there something wrong with the search feature where you can’t select make or is this just because they’re disabling that until there are more players?

I assume that you are probably trying to use stick input.
Try pressing the A button.

Not sure you mean by that but you literally cannot select the category that says “make” the word ANY is in very thin font unlike the other selections. You can use the d-pad to move up and down the categories but the make category is not selectable.

The MAKE you need to press A and another pop up appears with the list of the manufacturers in a grid layout for you to select from. It’s different to how the MODEL selection works.

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Ohhhh… Some days I wonder how I make it out of the house by myself lol. Thx

That is extremely counter-intuitave so I can understand the confusion.

Thanks for clearing that up Mossman