Can't see an individual Vinyl download count

I just started playing and imported a small handful of my vinyls from FH4 (all my Star Trek ones). I shared them all and have around 150-200 downloads so far (really did it to paint my Bronco, but decide to share the vinyls as well). But can’t seem to find where a count is for a particular one? Anyone know if it’s a bug or can I just not find it? Would like to know what is popular.

It’s best to be outside in your car then look in your HUB at each car. If you are in a house the HUB is bugged.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. (didn’t think you can see individual stuff when outside your house).

I’ve not found a vinyl count whether inside or outside.
They’re being downloaded every day but I cannot see which.

It works when outside for livery designs but not vinyls.

Oh I confused Livery Designs with vinyls sorry.

Nope can’t see them for some reason. I been looking for that myself. I hate not seeing which ones are getting downloads.

I submitted a ticket since I didn’t see it in the known issues. I only have like 8 vinyls and over 250 downloads. They are all from FH4, but don’t have nearly that many for them there (and it’s been over a year). Would be nice to see what is actually popular.

Good luck with that, there are lots of bugs in the HUB.

1/ Doesn’t sort cars based on popularity properly.
2/ Doesn’t show Tunes popularity.
3/ HUB in the house is broken even worse.
4/ Doesn’t show wheel colours properly.
5/ Doesn’t show proper Hubcaps.
6/ Doesn’t show Uses on anything.
7/ Doesn’t upgrade your Ranking.
8/ Stars don’t match counts.
9/ Can’t delete a design in the HUB without downloading it first.
10/ Have to go to Festival site to add a design for no reason when outside.
11/ Don’t show car type on the design.

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