Cant make a new wheel profile/game deleted bindings?


After the most recent update my Thrustmaster T80 488 GTB Edition wasnt “compatible with forza”. It worked in other games like raceroom, asseto; etc. The health was fine according to windows. I found a forum on here with the exact problem as me. With that being said, here is the problem:

When I logged on after the update, the game " deleted all my wheel profiles" so everything is blank. I cant change or bind anything. The only options that are interchangable or invert steering gas & throttle etc. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know ASAP.

Thank you very much

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I have got exact the same problem with my Logitech Formula Force EX Wheel.

It worked fine before the last update.

The Wheel is working on other games without Problems. I tried to reinstall Forza Horizon 4 but it is the same problem after the reinstall.

I hope someone can help us.

Same exact situation with me. I downloaded the game again, drivers, etc- worked perfect. I submitted a ticket and will let you know what they say. Hoping for the best as well. If you find a solution, please let me know.


Same problem exactly for me, I have a support ticket going too.

Unfortunately something went wrong in the sync after my reinstall so I have also lost all progress and items :frowning:

Same issue for me with my T80
Works perfectly with Forza Demo and after buying the full version, it doesn’t work !!!

Please help us