Can't Load Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One!!!!

I Bought Forza Horizon 2 on Disc for Xbox One on the 3/10/14 It wouldn’t load after the turn 10 sign showed and just goes to a black screen and nothing. I have been to the place I bought it and have replaced the disc and still nothing. I have tried all the suggested methods to solve the problem and still nothing. I have been a avid Forza Fan for some time and love the games, I even have a copy of Forza 5 which I am still enjoying. This is the first time I have ever considered complaining about a game and I have had other problems with other games i.e GTA but I have stuck with them as the problems have been swiftly resolved. I believe that paying £41.00 for something that doesn’t work is ridiculous.
I think that for all the problems that have happened since the short time that this game has been released, there should be a fair form of compensation for all die hard Forza fans or fear loosing a massive amount of the fan base.
If the problems are not resolved within 24hrs I will trade Forza Horizon 2 for Shadow Of Mordor.

I know this old but I have the same exact problem. After multiple disc exchanges with the store, a return, and trying to purchase it from the Xbox live store it still won’t work. Even called Xbox support multiple times with no solution. Was wondering if you fixed the problem?

I recently purchased Forza Horizon 2 for the Xbox one and it won’t load past the first title screen where it shows car dashboard and has engine revving sounds. Every single time I start the game it freezes at this point and then quits out to Xbox home screen. I bought the disc version of the game and it didn’t work so I exchanged it at the store for a new disc. After my 2nd disc didn’t work I returned the game and tried to buy it from the Xbox store. This version of the game did not work either. I have tried restating my console, signing out, reinstalling, unplugging the system and nothing has helped. I called Xbox support multiple times with no help. Very frustrating!! If anyone has had this problem or could help me fix this annoyance I would greatly appreciate it. I am extremely disappointed in Xbox and Forza as I’ve always played Forza games with Xbox

I’m in the same boat, I purchased the game yesterday and have swapped disc with no luck. When the loading screen where the engine revs pops up it freezes. I have uninstalled multiple times cleared cache, installed the 4gb update after the game fully installs and no change. This is very frustrating and it seems that I’m runnin out of options. I’m trying to reinstall the game while offline hoping that somehow this will be a solution

Experiencing the same issue and have cleared cache with no luck