cant get achevement: car explorer

the description says: Fully explore any car in Autovista…, I have done about 5 cars doing the challenge opening closing, doing all videos and it will not give me the achievement.
my copy of forza 4 is the essentials edition fyi, plz help! thx

I don’t recall all the exact number/location of the blips you had to select, but I’m going to recommend you select the Hummer H1 Alpha as the vehicle to do the achievement with. Start out with the Top Gear commentary, then move onto opening the hood, selecting the ‘zoom in on engine’ blip, if there’s a blip that talks about the engine play it, then look for a blip about the tires, then go to the back left area of the vehicle and look for a paint brush blip and change the H1’s paint to something else (red/blue/etc. anything besides the original yellow), then go and open the rear doors, if there’s a blip to zoom in and/or a blip to talk about the back of the vehicle play it, move around and open every single door (driver, passenger, 2nd row doors), then be sure to sit in any seats that let you do so, play any and all blips that appear, be sure to start the engine, press the right-thumbstick in to honk the horn, explode and implode the H1, and if the chevo hasn’t popped yet go and sit in the driver’s seat again and start and complete the Driving Challenge (the blip should be somewhere around the steering wheel).

At this point you should have gotten the achievement. If not, I guess I’ll have to go into AutoVista and write down in order the full list of blips to do… Also be sure to NOT skip any of the mini videos the game plays (eg. the Top Gear commentary) as it may not count that blip as having been completed as you skipped it. Also, when I say “blips” I’m simply talking about those little info/interaction bubbles that appear.

Let me know if this works for you.

thx I’ll try that

Remember to also open all the doors of the cars, get inside, look at the engine, listen to Jeremy Clarkson…

I have no idea man, I have FM4 the full version and I have opened all cars and done some challenges as well. I cant get this achievement either??? I spent a half hour or more on that first Ferrari checking all the different directions because there are some sneaky ones that are kind of difficult to make pop up and still no achievement!!!

I’ll go back on FM4 tonight and I’ll get you guys a list of all the blips on a car. If you follow that list exactly, you should get the achievement. If not, I really am not very good at troubleshooting unfortunately… I’ll do what I can.

Finally got it just now, exploring the hummer worked. I swear I tried for four hours last night.

Did it second time on the Ferrari, first time I was just taking a quick look and wanted to get on racing, second time took me a while, probably about 15 mins fiddling around but finally unlocked, just needs patience :slight_smile: