Cant find Telemetry report anywhere ... locked tunning?

I cant seem to find my cars telemetry after running a few practice laps…which i need for tunning. Where is this located? is it a report per lap?

i did read the FAQ’s and dont see it mentioned

Also when i purchase a tune i understand it is locked but i cant seem to tune another car other than a few items, most dont allow me to adjust the sliders. is this unlocked later in the game?

Thanks - Gman

Telemetry is real time, or in replays, by pressing up on the d-pad.

Tunning is “unlocked” by upgrading the car with adjustable race parts.

I’m also interested in the answer to this question. I’m at level 27 and I can’t download a tune - all locked. Do I unlock downloadable tunes by doing a manual tune?

You should be able to download tunes made by others, for any car you own, right from the start. Only tunes you’ve made yourself will be unlocked to make changes however.

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Thanks Mos, but it looks like I’m gonna have to learn how to tune because all the downloadable ones are locked in my game. :frowning:

Anything you download is LOCKED. That is how the system has been for many versions of Forza Motorsport. Only ones you create yourself will be adjustable because you “own” it.

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Thanks guys, I’ve got it now. When I went into Get Tunes I saw the locks on all the tunes and assumed they were all locked, but I tried hitting the A button anyway and got one to download. Those lock symbols threw me for a six. Ha ha!

No problem. You’re welcome.