Can't Download the Beta


I’ve been having an issue where I can’t download the beta even though I have Windows 10 installed and a PC that surpasses the minimum requirements. It just has the Free button greyed out and is telling me to visit the Microsoft website to upgrade to windows 10. It says i need version 1511 of windows 10 when I have version 10240 installed. All updates have been installed and I’ve restarted my computer several times.


Any help?

Same at me
AMD FX-6100
8GB Ram
Geforce GTX 470 AMP by ZOTAC
Win 10 x64 Build 10586.218 (Newest non Insider)

Download this
and select ‘Upgrade this PC now’ to force your W10 installation to version 1511

I’d rather not go through an entire installation process again just to play a game

Then not play this game? Or do a bit of looking around since build 1511 was available for Insiders last November and was released for normal users about a month ago. 1511 should be listed as a (mandatory) WindowsUpdate.

If it is not listed as an update, please contact your local Microsoft customer representative (unless you have an OEM install).

Didn’t work :frowning: … Thanks anyway

I’ll have a look. Thanks

Have you tried this? worked for me. I had the same problem. It will clear the Windows Store cache+reset it.

Press WIN+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box and then type wsreset and press Enter.