Cant connect to online services

I have a really weird and unique issue. Every time I loadup fh5 on my series X, I get put into the back up playlist and can’t access any online services. I’ve had Microsoft support help me all morning, resetting my console, internet, anything you can think of, I’ve done. The weirdest part is, my game works just fine when I run it via cloud play or on my Xbox one S. Xbox support says I should get my console serviced, but it’s not in warranty anymore so I’m trying to find any other options before paying the big bucks to get it fixed.

Welcome to Forza Forums! I play on one s, but don’t have Xbox live. Did you submit a ticket to Forza support? They might be able to help you. Also, have you contacted @T10ManteoMax? He always answers my questions and gives good advice.
Hope this helps!

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Please use the link at the bottom of this article to Submit a Ticket with Forza Support so they can investigate. Be sure to include all the details above in your ticket as well as confirmation that you’ve checked the steps in the article.

If you get a result from your ticket please report back here.

Multiplayer, Online, and Network Connection Troubleshooting – Forza Support (



Have you tried checking out the articles for network and multiplayer issues? Does any of this troubleshooting change or help your issue?

Network settings on the Xbox console | Xbox Support

About advanced network settings | Xbox Support

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Update for anyone to see this, Forza support is probably the most useless support team out there. Anyways, still doesn’t work most of the time. For the first time in a week, it worked today. Don’t know what triggered it, just randomly opened. Although, every time I open Forza it always does this little blip of syncing and then it doesn’t work and boots me offline. This morning, it didn’t give me the syncing and went on to work, could access all dlc and online content. Hasn’t worked for me since.

No. I’ve been sent the same network issue troubleshooting 3 time from Forza support and non of it works. Every single other game works on my Xbox including fh5 on cloud play. Only internal install Forza doesn’t work. My Xbox one runs fh5 just fine but my series X has all the issues. Today for the first time in over a week it somehow ran just fine but havnt been able to get it to work since.

Forza team is NOT the worst team out there. It is quite good. They try to help those in need. A simple thank you would be appreciated by the staff. @JetPartySalad and @T10ManteoMax tried to help you. It’s not their fault it didn’t.


No not the actual people, I understand they’re good people I’m saying as far as submitting tickets and always getting automated replies saying it’s an issue it’s not. I feel it would be easier with a live chat with a real person but that’s obviously hard with smaller groups with massive player bases.

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Ahh I see. I agree completely. I submitted a ticket about not saving progress, and nothing was done.