Can't Access Horizon Tour

today’s Forzathon Daily Challenge “Teamwork” requires that you “complete 2 Horizon Tour drives”, yet when i check in the Festival Playlist there is no access to the HT. i have checked all the other pages in the pause menu and there is no way to access it. am i missing something here or is this yet another oversight by the devs?

I think you can only access Horizon Tour by going to the spot on the map above the main festival.

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thank you. i hadn’t thought of that.

There is an in world spot you can go to. It’s on the north-eastern part of the race track by the main stage. Drive or fast travel there and you can sign up.

There is a symbol on the map to indicate the sign up location.

As you can tell I am having difficulty with this challenge on another thread BUT this may/may not help:

I had not thought of that as I always concentrate on the racing and tend to ignore that part of the session and normally collect Skill Points or wait for it to time out!