Cant access cars from Top Gear pack


Im new to Xbox and Forza so this might be an easy fix but I had no luck with Microsoft support…

I just bought Forza 5 which came with the Top Gear car pack. I scanned the QR code which was accepted, but then got an error message saying I needed xbox live, which I hadnt realised I needed to have already set up. I played online last night, so I assume that means xbox live is working alright??

Anyway, in the menu I can see the Top Gear pack is installed but I cant find the cars anywhere and I cant re use the code.

Should it be this hard?


did you download them yet?
download the pack again.

just wondering if you have done a hard reset of the console (even unplugging the power cord) since installing the DLC…it might help…it fixes alot of issues like this and should be the first thing done…i do it after every install for this reason and have never had any issues

Ok so I feel kinda dumb, but I found the cars last night randomly placed in the buy car menu in free race…I think I got thrown when I received a few gift cars they automatically went to my car list, but these ones were nowhere to be found.

Maybe thats my first gripe with Forza? The menus gifts/DLC arent particularly intuitive if you arent familiar with that sort of thing?

Thanks for the replies anyway guys, looks like a good forum here

Hi, I have the same problem as you have had and have tried all the options given by the others. Does anyone know any other way in which i might be able to retrieve what i bought