Cannot start any race after September 13 Update

A week ago everything was working fine.
But since the new update I cannot start any race in FH5.
After I select a car, the loading Icon appears and spins endlessly.
There is no error, no message, just the loading screen. I once waited about 5 minutes. Only thing I can do at this point is Alt+F4 or Task Manager > Kill Process.
I tried it several times, several races, Main game and Hot Wheels, different cars, Solo and Online Modes, Run as Administrator, Reset in Windows Store, Use lowest Video Settings, Update Drivers,…

I opened a Ticket with support but I wondered if I am the only one, since I cannot find similar topics in the forum. Maybe somebody knows a reason or a trick to fix it?

I also noticed the bugs already mentioned in other threads like missing car thumbnails, Playlist not loading at start, Weekly Challenge still resetting despite said to be fixed in the changelog.

Maybe it is connected to the Weekly Challenge. The first race I tried with this update was the road race with the KTM X-Bow…

Win 11
Geforce 2070 Super
Windows Store

Thanks in advance, regards


Me too all same even tried reinstalling game twice with no luck


I have the same issue, game runs fine on xbox series x
Tried to clear profile and reinstall whole game, but no luck


I have the same issue


I also encountered the same problem, and I made all the same attempts as U. I even remade the WIN10 twice, but the result was that I could not participate in any competition. But I tried to enter the game using another account that did not set up the game save in FH5, so far all the matches can be entered. But switching back to my account is still unable to participate in all competitions. Hopefully there will be a better way to solve this problem once and for all~

Geforce 3060
Microsoft store

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Can confirm, the same profile ( & save) works on cloud gaming. I even got to finish the weekly challenge. But after syncing back to win 11 (after reinstalling forza one more time) I see the new progression of the playlist, but still cannot start any race.

got the same issue. just did a fresh install off the game and it runs smooth but cant start any races, is there a solution for this or do we have 2 wait for a fix??

The ticket with the official support brought no solution so far. Just the same tipps over and over again.
I did them all but PC does not work, only cloud gaming for me and my save.
Guess it means waiting and hoping there will be a solution at all… Cloud gaming is far from perfect and I do not want to start all over again. Neither do I want to buy a console just for one game (bug) :upside_down_face:

At least two more describe the same problem in September 13 content update | Series 12 - #26 by SpirantCrayon22

This has been identified as a known issue which you can find in our articles linked below. These are updated regularly and some issues may not be listed on there yet. The team is working diligently to investigate all of the issues on this list which would not be possible without hearing from players like yourself.

Forza Horizon 5 Known issues

Ticket is closed for now, so we can only wait and hope for the best.

Same issues here by chance I wonder if it’s due to windows 11 I’ve seen on a few other forums Im on build 22622.601 if anyone wondering.