Cannot Progress Past Road America Track

Hi everyone, I recently bought (about 3-4 days ago!) a X1 and it came with a download code for this game.

I am very early in the game on the Modern Sport Compact series. I have completed 6 races so far. When I try to load up Road America the game crashes and I get kicked out to the X1 Dashboard.

I’ve tried everything to get this fixed.

I’ve done a Hard Reset to clear the cache (As advised by Xbox Support)
I’ve done a Delete and Re-download of the 40GB game (As advised by Xbox Support)
I’ve done a Factory Reset (As advised by Xbox Support)
I’ve also done variations of the above steps such as factory resetting then clearing Cache, Factory Resetting Xbox and then Downloading the game.
I’ve even started a new game hoping it was a bad save file.

After a few calls they said they cannot help me as the problem seems to be with the game and not their hardware. I was then told I could post and a Forza Support specialist could help me out.

Have you let the game download and update itself to 100% before starting to play?

It is best to ignore the ready to play message and instead wait for the 100% installation before playing.

I’m going to try that now. I’ll put it to download and run some errands.

Will the X1 go to sleep mode and continue downloading?

Go to settings (press menu button anywhere on dash). Go to power and start up and set it to instant on and auto download updates (just for now, later ie after game fully downloaded change it to energy save mode). That way it will keep going.

And whatever u do don’t start playing until it is fully installed


I followed your advice guys and re-installed the game and letting it install completely before playing it.


Here’s hoping that I don’t run into any other issues.

Thanks everyone!

Best to follow this advice in all instances to prevent the issue you stumbled upon.