Cannot find purchased car?

I have recently bough the koenigsegg agera rs and i cannot find it in my garage?


I assume you mean you bought it in the Microsoft Store? Did you go get it in the Autoshow?

Since this is a DLC car you may be saying you purchased the DLC - take a look in the Marketplace tab of the pause menu or go to a Festival or Home location to check the Autoshow to see if you can collect the car for Free to add to your garage.

One way to confirm you have collected the car is, while out in free roam, to open the pause menu, tab over to Cars, and select the Car Collection menu. This is the list of cars in the game, and you can use the Owned / Not Owned filter to check which ones you haven’t collected yet.

After entering Garage menu at a Festival or Home, open the Filter and make sure all times are selected. Get in a vehicle that isn’t the one you’re looking for, and then Sort by Manufacturer or the other options to see if if you can find it.

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Not sure if this is related or not, but seeing that Agera RS from the car pass, it could be related. Basically long story short, after booting up the game and attempted to use the 959 rally car for the seasonal playground games event, it wouldn’t let me use it saying I don’t have the dlc for it; turns out the car pass uninstalled itself somehow, but all the cars from car pass I owned were still there. So reinstalled car pass, now everything’s back to normal. Like I said, not 100% sure if this is related in any way but it’s worth to be aware of