Cannot access Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels land

Could turn 10 and Playground games please start making a second discs for older Forza Motor Sport and Horizon games that have all downloadable content on them. I believe this was done with Forza 3. I have Horizon 3 and bought car packs and the expansion that gave me Blizzard Mountain and Hot wheels land, and because the xbox one that I purchased these things on is broken, I can no longer get access to them. I am willing to pay up to $150 dollars for a solid disc of Horizon 3 that is more than the standard edition, it has to have all the extra cars, tracks, and lands like the hot wheels cars and the hot wheels land. Also for Forza Motor Sport 4 a solid disc with all cars, tracks, and games like the Pinto, test track, and the soccer game. Some day when my xbox 360 breaks I will no longer do things in Forza Motor Sport 4 like play soccer in a Pinto. Please Turn 10 and Playground games put what use to be downloadable content on a second disc for all your games like it was done for Forza Motor Sport 3.