Can you sort cars by division?

With the new leagues available, I’d like to buy some “track toy” cars, but I’m unsure of which cars fit this description exactly. You don’t seem to be able to sort by division when purchasing new cars. Does anyone have a workaround of some sort for this?

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There’s no option to sort by Division. You can see them if you enter Stories of Motorsport and choose that division and then Buy Car to see the available choices, or go to Multiplayer and create a private race and change the game options to set the car restrictions to a single division and see the available cars that way.

See also spreadsheets for FM6 with cars and their divisions at:

Track Toys:

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Great question!, and answer, thx. Can’t believe they haven’t fixed that yet. I tried to join a league race recently that specified Indy cars, but said I had 0 in my garage. When I selected buy cars within the league race nothing came up and there is no option to sort cars by division. Surprised they haven’t fixed this yet.