Can you download vinyl groups?

On xbox one, I can not find hoe to download vinyl groups so I wondered if that was only for 360… can anyone help me by saying if you can and if so how, to download vinyl groups on fh2 xb1
Many thanks -Callummusic

You can download them on XB1; To find them, what you need to do is: Go into “create vinyl group”, hit apply vinyl shape, then look for “curated groups” at the top, that’s where the Turn 10 selected and followed creator’s vinyls are located, after doing so just hit the search button (back button) and that will bring up a menu so you can find which vinyl you’re looking for. Hope this helps you out.

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Head to the festival hub or an outpost and get into the car you want to add a vinyl(s) to. Then, from the garage menu, select the “Designs and Paints” tile. Here, if I remember correctly, you go to “Apply Decals” to search for vinyl groups, or to select from the array of default vinyl pieces.