Can we just get A.I. / Drivatars that don't crash? Or Mechanical Damage Only option?

I know the occasional wipe-outs are supposed to keep it lively, but in all honesty I’m tired of the competition spinning out in front of me. Takes away the challenge. Sure I can put it up from Pro to Unbeatable, but I feel like professionals shouldn’t ALWAYS have a massive pile-up on turn 1, brake too late and slam your rear bumper, or just randomly swerve/ram into the side of you for…some reason. The drivatars or A.I., just don’t seem anywhere near defensive enough.

I’d love for the odds of this occurring to be much lower at higher difficulties. I mean it’s reasonable for some “inexperienced” driver to spin out at least once every race, but if watching F1 races has taught me anything it’s that accidents do happen, but not every single car in the race finishes looking like it survived a demolition derby.

I love the tracks, cars, and beauty of the game, but I’m just tired of it being marred by having my multi-million dollar hyper-car rammed in the back within 15 seconds of starting the race. If anything I’d love a, mechanical damage only, option. That way if I mess up I still have to drive crippled, my tire and fuel still wear on endurance, but if someone taps my bumper on corner 1 I wont have to see the dent for the next 4-8 laps.

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