Can we get some new tracks?

As the topic says. Instead of a car pack, can we get some new tracks instead? There are so many roads that could be used that I like to drive in solo just for the fun of it. agree?

A whole set of new tracks drops later this year in September.

For more in Horizon, we’re probably stuck waiting for FH3.

Sorry,there will not be anymore new tracks for FH2 i’m afraid.

Yes. They’re all race tracks, and they’re all in FM6.

A UGC course editor would be AWESOME for the Horizon games, a natural fit, but TBH I can’t see it happening for FH2, and FH3 is way too far away to even speculate about at this time.

A Forzanaught can dream though :slight_smile:


I think a similar system was used in midnight club LA. It was very cool system. But then that would be a freedom dependent system. Road trips wouldn’t use any of those because people or kids would constantly abuse it…

Having a system where you pick a start location, finish location, and generalized route and the game fills in checkpoints would be super easy to do and a great concept. It would be relegated to single player with AI though because it would only work online if everyone involved had downloaded the route and since we no longer have private custom lobbies where that would be easily enforced…

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Cloud saves, that’s how GTA V custom races work.

-Create a race
-saves to the cloud
-start such race
-random players can join in
-your custom race" downloads" from the cloud while it loads

Have you seen how the cloud, Forza Horizon 2, and game saves work - or should I say - don’t work?

But you can save 40$ by buying Forza 5 immediatly, and if you do in the next 15 minutes, you get two copies to download, because your game save might be corrupted. But wait, there’s more : you get in extra the Top Gear Car Pack!

About Horizon 3 (if there will be a third opus), it is not too late to make requests and wishlists. In fact, most of the ideas are there right now, and the developpement has already started. We shouldn’t make wishlists or put ideas when the game is finished, we should make it at the beginning.

New course layouts would be cool but it won’t happen. Forza 6 comes out soon and Horizon will most likely be put on the back burner by then.

So, Playground and Turn 10, if you are listening please consider releasing new music with DLCs. Horizon 2’s Storm Island is the best Forza DLC yet, though it would have been perfect with a new radio station with new music. Thank you!

Lol, It’s the only legit DLC expansion. -_-’

Are we talking music tracks?

Cause it is a great idea. Make an oldies station and put the originals in that one and get us some new(ish) tunes!
Good idea.

Yea we need more tracks and a track editor like MCLA. Same tracks make the Single player boring and cant even choose which tracks we want in a location lol.