Can we change name of forza monthly to horizon monthly


Since ever forza monthly stream is about 99% forza horizon and 1% forza motorsport we may as well change the name from forza monthly to horizon monthly

There will be another livestream next month…

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And i assume that livestream will also be 99% horizon and 1% motorsport as the previous multiple streams have been as such

Because Horizon has a Career Tour.

Calling it horizon monthly implyss that only FH5 will be talked aboit

Perhaps if they spent more time covering FM they would get more “You should be fixing bugs instead of showing future stuff” complaints?

Forza Monthly covers a mix of Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport interviews, and community content. Due to timing and events the emphasis on each element may change from month to month. As we announced this week:

Before we jump into the list of fixes, a note about the next Forza Monthly on Friday, January 26: while Forza Motorsport will have only a short segment due to the recent release of Update 4, we will use the opportunity to reveal the track coming in Update 5. Then in February’s livestream, we will show a more in-depth look at the track, alongside the accompanying career tour, cars and multiplayer events.