Can the exploit(s) during a playground match be fixed?

I have a partial first round recording and the complete second round recorded. He was apparently using a stock AMG Hammer Coupe 681 during this weeks seasonal playground games. He managed to score 5 flags even after I took at least one from him near the goal. So he would of otherwise scored 6 or perhaps more !!?!

He was able to stop on a dime, reverse, change direction and accelerate nearly instantaneously. It looked like lag but smooth and happened every time I had him lined up. If you tracked his marker on the map it would almost jump across the map at times similar but not as bad as the markers on impossible rival scores.

I’d be for banning players with impossible scores that aren’t unintentional glitches, but I’d rather have a game that is reasonably exploit free.

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Have you tried reporting this gamertag?

With Playground I don’t really care if I win or lose. I just want to get in and get it over as quick as I can just to get the points for the playlist.

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See the How to Report a Player information at Forza Support while the team continues to investigate these issues.

Naming and shaming other users is not permitted on the forums no matter what evidence is available.

That’s how I am to as the only requirement is to take part for the measly points you get for it, so I just stay parked until its over.

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I come across this OFTEN in PG games… Doing EXACTLY what you described. Stopping on a dime, literally moving sideways, INSANE amount of speed for the requirements. A see a lot of the same players doing it, as it play PG games EVERY DAY. It’s annoying and in some cases bullying. There’s a guy out there that harasses his own teammates and tries to stop his OWN TEAM from scoring. EVERYTIME I come across them, same manner of play out of them. Reporting is useless, I didn’t even get acknowledged for my report

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That’s why this game has become a joke. I walked away in May of this year after being a loyal player since Horizon 1. PGG has forgotten who made it the company it is. They want new players not the “old dogs”. Just look at how bad 5 is. It’s Fortnite with cars.

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I’ll give you guys a hint. They are obviously using fake accounts and a pirated game so PGG and the players who enjoy the game. are the only losers as this continues and gets worse. The game servers need to automatically block these hacked games. If nothing else just watch for a class D car that accelerates from 0 to 300 mph it 2 seconds and disconnect them after it happens a few times.