Can’t connect to the servers

剛剛嘗試了,還是不行。 等到oct. 10再嘗試

I have the same issue on Xbox Series X. I’m using english username and the game get a error to sign In. Rarely able to connect, but 95% fail

suffering from this right now for the past 24 hours and i cannot get anything to work

Getting the same i got it to work by giin off line then back on and doin the second race in the que when it becomes available hope this helps

Guys. DMZ or firewall config. Maybe It ll help

I’m on PC and had the same issue and spent well over 2 hours trying all kinds of fixes…

What worked for me was to log out of the Xbox App and log back in! If that doesn’t work for you I would suggest logging out of the Xbox App and the Microsoft store then logging back in to both…

Hope this helps others!

Sincerely, Toya.

I m offline only, the game says that I have no server connection, reason: cannot log on forza server.
It was working fine yesterday and the hundred hours before. Nothing changed on my pc or my connection. I updated everything after, xbox app etc. restarded and verified the files on steam, nothing changes.
Made a post about it on steam, it appears i m the only one having issue right now.

I have the same problem impossible to have online

Me too

Having the same issue. Usually it works after a few attempts.

Or chosing offline free play, then go into the race menu. When you go back it says that it has a connection now and asks if it should load the profile. After that it works most of the time…

Well thanks for the tip, but it didn t work for me. I did disconnect my xbox app account then reconnected it, it worked once a few hours ago but not anymore. I have literally zero solution to play this game right now.

Mine was fine until yestarday evening. Now everytime i try to play it says cannot connect to forza game servers.

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Today it works, so definitively a server side issue.

OK So i have fixed the problem with the log in loop. So you have to go into windows credentials and remove all the lines with xbl in the front of it. Launch the game and it show work. Fix was from a Forza Email i received. Hope this helps you get back in the game.

So go into Windows Credentials and remove all lines with xbl in front of it. Launch your game and it should now let you log in and play. Worked for me. Hope it helps you get playing again.

The Game is not Connect with Server. I cant play anything in Builders Cup und Track Tour. The Game Not Save my Progress.

Yeah thanks, but i came to reply that the issue was gone the next day, so it was indeed a server issue. Has to be nothing changed here.

I’m having the same issues of the game saying offline did everything y’all did and it still didn’t work, i really think it’s a dope game but it won’t let me play online for i don’t know what reason … anyone knows the answer to this situation please feel free to Text 1-805-814-8049 my personal cellphone or message me on instagram @Blendzinoo thank you

or add me on xbox and send me a message thanks

Dopo l’aggiornamento del 14/11 la mia copia su PC non mantiene stabile la connessione internet e cade, portandomi al menù principale :disappointed: