Can someone explain the basics?

I’m not used to track games. While playing fm7 I don’t know why I’m losing races against average difficulty bots. It’s quite confusing about how to turn properly and all that.

1] For starters, how do I control the throttle input? I have a 3rd party 360 controller. I can barely manage to adjust brake input by slowly pushing the trigger while looking at the gauge on the screen, but for some reason this doesn’t work with the accelerator. When I try to do the same thing on the right trigger, it’s like that button doesn’t even have more than 3 levels of sensitivity. I mean, I push it a little but there’s not response. I push it a little more and the throttle gauge goes up to some 20%. Then I push it just a teeny tiny bit and it goes all the way to 100% throttle input. I can’t tell if this is the game’s problem or my controller’s. I never had any issues with my controller when I test it with a tool. Because of this it’s impossible for me to ease it in while turning because it ends up the same as a floored pedal.

2] Also, even though I said I can do it with the brakes, it’s still unreasonably difficult. I can’t do it unless I am looking at the gauge on the screen and even then I need 2 seconds of staring to adjust it to approx. 50% input…2 seconds during which I am not seeing where I’m going. Again, it this my controller or is there a game setting to adjust this? How do you people do it?

3] Then there’s a similar problem with steering. I always wiggle the stick. Result is that the turn doesn’t go so smoothly and sometimes I turn too hard. From watching videos, it looked to me like everybody is able to keep the stick steady at the same angle throughout the turn(mostly, with gradual bending). How do you know how much to bend it to be able to maintain that and where to start doing it?

4] Why does the steering wheel snap back to 0 degrees as soon as I let go of the stick? It’s so unnatural. Is there a way to change that? It’s making the car feel sluggish.

5] An odd thing is the way the bots(even high diff. ones) let you pass them so easily at the start of the race. They don’t pick up speed until after the first turn. Any reason?

6] Why does the car oversteer when I shift down(manual with clutch) in the middle of a turn? I’m not even pressing the gas. Specifically speaking, this happens at the moment I release clutch.

Another thing that’s bugging me is how I have much better control over the car when playing ACC compared to fm7, on the same controller, same track, same car even(I still lost but at least I could keep all wheels on the road and go fast). You can’t say gt3 cars in ACC have assists to make them easier since the same cars exist in fm7 as well. I have noticed that when I once complained about the handling in fm6 and compared it to ACC, people felt hurt or something and ignored my thread. I am not making some rant in here. I am not saying fm7 is awful either. Just making it clear.

I’m using a redgear controller. If that is the issue, do you think it’s worthwhile buying a new controller? I’d rather not spend more than 20$

Motorsport is very hard to control. It’s not about physics but handling there is very hard. For instance, Gran Turismo has similar physics but you would love the controls. Motorsport is about training. Many my friends don’t like Motorsport controls and I get why.

It’s like real car you need to match the speeds. If you not use the gas, that’s the problem.

Can you explain how that works? Are you saying I should slowly press the accelerator while releasing clutch? Even in middle of turning?

You can’t downshift without gas in real car too. It depends on your exact downshifting but if you downshift you need high RPM and you are putting neutral and clutch - can’t work. It’s like you use handbrake during cornering - not good :smiley: That’s one thing in Motorsport which is hard to control but it’s real. I don’t know any other similar game.

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I see. I remember seeing something similar in project cars 2. So that’s why

Without auto clutch that’s how it should work.

About my other questions, can someone tell me how to properly control throttle input on a controller? I always press to much or too little.

It’s about training because Motorsport doesn’t give much clues. I can easily use throttle anywhere but it’s very hard on Motorsport because of lack of info. Usually if you know are going too fast it’s too late :smiley: Motorsport is very sensitive to gas/brake which is fine but it’s harder.

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But I had some feeling there is a small lag for gas/brake, I am still not sure. Do you have impulse triggers?

If impulse triggers mean individually vibrating ones, then no, I don’t. My controller just vibrates as a whole. I think the motors are in the grips, at the base.
This is the one:-

Oh, don’t try Motorsport then :smiley: Gran Turismo is great without it but Motorsport is hard even with it. It gives you good feedback what is going on. Not great, but not bad either.

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Well I already bought it…guess it’s too late. I’ll see if I can get an original controller somewhere down the line.

Sure, it’s not a problem, just buy good controller. New Series controller is a bit different, so you can choose what is better for you.

Motorsport 7 is still great game without any competition.


I have a one question too. Can somebody tell me why Forza steering on a controller is not much friendly? When I use stock car the steering can easily overload rear and it starts slide. Why is it? It looks like a wheel is main controller for the Forza. I like all helpers for controller but this is about steering settings. Like I wrote before, it’s not in Gran Turismo so it’s not necessary. I don’t see any advantage in it because it’s pretty hard to go on the edge if you can’t use maximum safe steering angle.

Sounds like you’re on PC. Not sure if this will help or not, but:

Under Options > Controller, there’s an option called Advanced (X button on Xbox One). In that menu you can adjust the deadzones for each input axis. You might be able to smooth out your brake and throttle sensitivity by adjusting those.

A lot of that is practice. What I did when I used a controller was to hold the left stick all the way up/forward when going straight and roll it around the outside edge to steer. Really helps get smoother steering inputs.

There’s also a setting for steering in the Assists menu (have to be in the pre-race or pause menu to access it). Two of the options are Simulation and Normal. Normal is intended for use with controllers, and helps smooth out some of the twitchiness from using a controller. Simulation is intended for use with wheels, and is a more “direct” input. I personally preferred Simulation steering even when using a controller, but a lot of people prefer Normal. It’s worth trying both of them out and seeing which works best for you.

Forza AI is terrible. They brake wrong, corner wrong, launch wrong… They don’t drive better as you increase the difficulty, either; the game just increases their grip and power so they drive like faster idiots.

This happens because of an effect called engine braking. Look at it this way: If you’re holding a steady speed, the engine, transmission, and wheels are all rotating as one unit. When you downshift, the engine has to spin up to a higher RPM to match the speed of the wheels and lower gear, and “forcing” the engine to spin faster creates a braking effect. If you’re driving a rear wheel drive car, that braking effect can lock up the rear wheels and cause you to lose traction (exactly like if you yanked on the emergency brake).

If you Google “engine braking”, you can probably find someone who can explain it much better than I can.

Keeping the car steady under braking is another thing that you’ll get better at with practice. The way Forza handles braking physics is not very good, so it can take a bit to get used to if you’re used to other games.

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@Mr Pinstripes

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply.
Yes I’m on PC and I made sure the dead zones are disabled everywhere I saw them.

Your method of steering sounds good. I never thought of doing that. It should feel better now.

Edit:- I missed a setting about “deadzone outside”. I looked it up but it’s totally confusing. It’s set to 90(both acc. and brake) in my case. Can someone explain what this one does? I already know what “deadzone inside” is.

To my knowledge inside determines how much pressure you have to apply for the controller to register it and outside determines how much pressure is needed to apply 100%.

So if you set inside to 20 % for example, the controller won’t respond to an input below 20% of pressure. If you put outside to 50%, the controller will apply 100% braking or acceleration even if you only push the trigger in half of the way.

You should always have inside and outside as far apart from each other as possible to give you more control.

Edit: Here is a video explaining all the settings Forza 7 Best Controller Settings (Deadzone Settings) - YouTube